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Update: Blog Changes & Resident Evil

Update: Blog Changes & Resident Evil

Posted: Tuesday, December 24, 2019

I took a break from this blog to rethink what I would like to do. I’m going to continue writing about narrative in video games with game mechanics at the center, but I’m going to try to do something a little different. I’d like to see how it works out to do shorter essays every week or two instead of one big essay a month. I also want to write in a more creative storytelling manner. At some point, my goal is to make a video essay every so often as well as create video games. Although, I’m probably getting a little ahead of myself.

As far as writing essays, I’m going to start with the very first Resident Evil. I’ve chosen Resident Evil because we got the remake of Resident Evil 2 nearly a year ago, and now we have the Resident Evil 3 remake that has just been announced for release in April 2020. Resident Evil was instrumental in popularizing the survival horror genre. In that way, it makes sense to start writing in a new presentation with Resident Evil. Of course, this means that I will be putting Silent Hill on hold for now. I will get back to Silent Hill soon. Maybe I will talk about Silent Hill (and other video games) to take a break from Resident Evil at times. Without a doubt though, I’m going to use Resident Evil as the start of a new blog format. I’m excited about these changes, and I hope you can look forward to a new essay every week or two.