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Super Metroid: Learning to Not Fear Failure

I’ve spent the last week thinking about how my experience playing the Space Colony stage in Super Metroid relates to real life. One question I kept asking myself is why was I nervous about escaping the colony until I practiced jumping the platforms at the beginning of the stage? Once I practiced, I was more relaxed and not afraid of failing to escape in time. I think I was nervous on my first two attempts of trying to escape the colony because I didn’t know what I was doing especially when it came to jumping the platforms to get to the exit. On my third attempt, I practiced jumping at the beginning of the stage before having the time pressure of escaping and it was easy. Now I wasn’t worried about escaping on time. Even if I didn’t make it on the third attempt, it would be ok because I can play it again and do better on my next attempt. But I escaped in time on my third attempt.

How does it relate to real life? I see it as a lesson to not fear failure. Many people, including myself, learn to think that failure is a bad thing. I don’t want to see it as a bad thing. Failure is an opportunity to learn what I did to cause that failure and improve myself on the next try. Whether it is a video game or a project I’m working on, I can fail and retry as many times as I need to as long as I learn to do better each time.

What is the goal for this week? I would like to play more Super Metroid but it will depend on whether or not I have the time. If I don’t have the time then I’ll spend time on another project I’m working on.