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Silent Hill Alley Project – Week 3 Update

Posted: Monday, October 25, 2021

New Format

This time I’m going to try to show the video demo of the project’s current state like I’ve done in the previous posts, but provide a checklist of the tasks I’ve accomplished thus far as well as the tasks I have not reached yet. Before the checklist, I will provide details to anything that needs to be explains further. I figured this would be a more digestible format to explain the progress of the project. 

Health Bar, Inventory Slots and Pause Explained

The main focus last week was creating the health bar, inventory slots, and pause function. The health bar and inventory slots look very different from Silent Hill because I’m trying to convey how the inventory in Silent Hill works but in 2D.

As strange as it looks in this demo, the health bar is a combination of the health status of Harry in Silent Hill and a typical health bar in 2D games. The health status in Silent Hill is an animation that flashes behind a picture of Harry. The colors green, yellow, orange, and red indicate the state of Harry’s health. A health bar in most 2D games shows the entire range of the player’s available health. Like a 2D game, the health bar shows the player’s entire range of health. At the same time, the player’s entire range of health is shown in the four colored states like the four colored states in Silent Hill. The player’s current health state is the bar flashing. In this instance it is the green bar that’s flashing since the player is in full health. The flashing bar is meant to be similar to the flashing health status behind Harry’s picture.

The inventory slots in the demo is a wheel of 8 slots with dots in each slot. The dots are Braille for numbers 1-8 and they’re simply there to make it easier to see that the inventory wheel is turning when the game is paused and the correct keys are pressed. The inventory slots form a wheel because the items in the inventory in Silent Hill scroll like a wheel.  Why does the inventory in the demo have eight slots when Silent Hill’s inventory has unlimited number of slots? When looking at Silent Hill’s inventory once the game starts, it looks like the inventory only has eight slots. It is not until later when the player collects more than eight items that it become obvious that the inventory in Silent Hill has unlimited space. 

In staying true to Silent Hill, the pause function pauses the game and activates the inventory. The only difference in the demo is that the player can see the inventory at all times, but the health bar animation and scrolling through the inventory slots only activates when the game is paused. Of course, the player cannot be controlled when the game is paused. To help the player see that the game is paused, the game area that the player explores is darkened while the inventory part of the screen is highlighted. The opposite is true when the game is not paused. 

Now I would like to explain the future of this project and new projects.

Video showing Silent Hill’s inventory controls – video from my YouTube channel Respect for Games

Image showing Silent Hill’s inventory with 8 slots after collecting items in the cafe

Image of various 2D health bar styles – photo found from an image search with Duck Duck Go showcasing health bars in an Unity Asset Store bundle

The Future of This Project and New Projects

I think I’m going to put this project on hold and focus on creating my own games. I would also like to create weekly content on games. Both on this site and on YouTube. I’m still debating on what I want to do for content. Video walkthroughs? Game reviews? Fan theories? Game development tutorials? I would love to do content that most content creators don’t do, but new ideas haven’t come to me yet. I’ll just have to do some trial and error. 

Maybe it seems a little odd to start this project but not finish it any time soon. Right now though, I’m not sure where I could take this project from here. More than anything, this project was a good way for me to start creating content on YouTube and this website. Sometimes it takes involving something you like to help get started in something new. I love the original four Silent Hill games. I used my interest in Silent Hill to get started in creating games as well as writing online and uploading videos. 

Weeks 3 progress

Monday October 18, 2021

Health Bar & Pause

Inventory & Pause

Tuesday October 19, 2021

Inventory & Pause

Wednesday October 20, 2021

Brainstorm for next project

I’m hitting a roadblock with this project and itching to develop my own games. I’m planning on prototyping a strategy adventure.

Thursday October 21, 2021

Dark Layer Over Inventory or Game