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Ready to Record Super Metroid

Last week, my goal was to figure out how to setup the Nintendo Switch to record game footage of Super Metroid on the Nintendo Switch Online and start recording Super Metroid once I get the chance. I did get the Nintendo Switch setup with the EVGA XR1 capture card. I have not had the chance to record Super Metroid. I plan on doing that this week.

That may not seem like much progress but small accomplishments are better than none. Plus, I have to balance this project with being with my loved ones, other projects and a full-time job. Accomplishing small goals or parts of goals is how I improve myself along with everything that life has going for me.

For anyone wondering why I would still write about my progress on my project even if it was small, I think posting weekly updates on my progress is a good thing to do. It allows me to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and the next steps for the coming week. I also want to keep creating content for anyone that’s interested in my projects. A project can take weeks to complete, which can leave people wondering when they can see my next project. If I take too long, they may start thinking that I’ve given up without telling them. My solution is to provide weekly updates so my audience will know what is going on and that I’m not giving up on what I’m doing. I may not have many people following what I’m doing right now but I might some day. Now is a good time to get into the habit of providing weekly updates for my current and future audience.

Thank you for reading.