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Developing Solitaire with Strategy

Last week, I focused on learning how to make a card game in the Godot game engine. My goal is to make a Solitaire game that encourages the player to create a strategy before playing then the game checks how well the player follows that strategy. I will provide the option of playing without creating a strategy beforehand. The game will store statistical data on wins, losses, etc. for each strategy. It would also be cool if there is an option for the game to learn how the player plays the game (without creating a strategy beforehand) and show statistics on what the player did and if the result was a win or loss. But we’ll see about that. Why do I want to make a Solitaire game like this? One day, I would love to make a strategy horror game but I want to start by making simple games into strategy games. I enjoy playing Solitaire which is a simple but fun game. The player does need to strategize to increase the chances of winning. As I play Solitaire, I keep thinking that it would be great if I could set up my strategy before playing then the game can check on how well I follow the strategy. Plus, keep track of how effective the strategies are. The only downside is that the strategy steps would have to be already programmed into the game with the player organizing each step to how they want. If players have any ideas that isn’t already programmed into the game, they will have to contact me and I will have to update the game. Other than that, it will be a fun and challenging game to make. I’m also thinking about posting playthroughs and reviews of indie games to give indie developers more attention and appreciation. I can write more about that later.