Shadow of Phoenix

Respect for Games

Can Games Help Improve Ourselves?

I think they can. Games can help with learning, building good habits, decreasing bad habits, procrastinating less, motivating us to do tasks that don’t naturally interest us, and much more. When I say games, I mean any type of games: video games, board games, card games, tabletop games, etc. By studying any type of games we enjoy (and maybe also ones we don’t enjoy), we gain more knowledge about ourselves. We can use that increased knowledge about ourselves to become better in real life. I’m on a mission to gain knowledge on what I enjoy and don’t enjoy about games and their mechanics. With the new knowledge, create my own game prototypes to experiment how effective its mechanics are in helping me improve myself. I will report my experiences in weekly blog posts on this site. Then create and upload a video essay on YouTube to share my experiences with a wider audience. I hope you, my dear reader, will join me in this journey to understand and improve ourselves through games.